Are these issues known bugs?

  • I have discovered two issues with vivaldi.... First, when I have no internet connection, and I try to open a webpage, it shows a little game that I can play by pressing space (anyone ever played it before? :lol:) Anyway, when I lose, it says game over, but instead of saying "GAME OVER" it says "iAME OVER" :dry: Hmm, is that on purpose or is it some sort of bug/glitch? Also, when I click on the extension buttons that I have at the top right of vivaldi (I have ublock origin, click & clean, and lastpass installed), sometimes nothing happens..... :dry: I click on the buttons, and although they are clickable, nothing happens.... :S In order to fix that problem I have to restart vivaldi; then they start working again.... This is a really annoying bug; please fix it as soon as possible.... 🙂 Thanks in advance~ 😉

  • The game just sound as "the dinosaur game" of chrome. Never tried anyway.
    The extensions issues happened few times also there: usually I uninstall and reinstall the extension or I'll search an alternative.
    Ublock origin seems to have some problem, stating which some user posted in latest snapshot changelog.

  • Well, I hope these issues are fixed before the final version comes out…. :dry:

  • Try to disable ublock and use this which is similiar (even in ram usage) for a while, so we can discover if is the ublock is the real culprit of this annoyance 🙂
    For the dinosaur game, there was a chrome://flags strings, but I don't see it anymore o.O


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