Vivaldi Feature Request

  • Hello to everyone, The only thing why I use Opera 12 so far is excellent feature of content blocking. It is done in the way I need it: 1) it is at a browsers level (instead of systems level using /etc/hosts file), 2) it does not leave blank areas with error announcements (like in the way of /etc/hosts), 3) it can be precise when you don't want to block entire domain (unlike in the way of /etc/hosts) i.e. "", 4) it can block entire domain based on pattern goodwebsite. After that feature is implemented, I will consider to retire Opera 12 (which was my browser No.1 since version 6.05). Thank you to the developers and community.

  • I would like to add another feature to vivaldi:

    • double clicking the title bar open a new tab
    • positioning the navigation controls (back, forward, reload) on the right beside the sidebar, so the distance the user has to move the mouse to reload the page is shorter.


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