Speakers / woofers of my macbook scratching noise on startup of vivaldi!!??

  • speakers / woofers of my macbook scratching my ears with noise on every time I open vivaldi...anu bug problem ?? to solve soonest thank u

  • Did you ever get an solution to this? Experiencing the same thing and only just pinpointed Vivaldi to be the source.

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    @conxr I'm not sure what is/was causing this but (for me) it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be. With Vivaldi 1.7, I still hear an occasional faint click/pop on startup but nothing severe, and it doesn't happen all the time either.

    My theory is that it's extension related. On older releases, when this was a BIG problem for me, the speaker clicks/pops only occurred when I had uBlock origin installed. (I don't typically use any other extensions.) The problem never occurred when I ran Vivaldi extension-free.

    Are you currently using any extensions and if so, does this problem go away when you disable them?

  • @xyzzy It doesn't seem to happen a lot, but sometimes it can be very loud if my bluetooth is connected (i thought it was that for ages)

    I'm also using uBlock, but I'm unsure if turning it off does anything as, like I say, it doesn't happen all the time.

    Other apps I have running are:
    google translate, colour picker, tampermonkey, https everywhere, font changer, what the font, page ruler, scroblr for last.fm, dictionary/thesaurus & privacy badger.

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    @conxr Just to clarify, what I was trying to say was that with an "out-of-the-box" install with a fresh profile, Vivaldi never made any clicking or popping sounds on my system. The clicking/popping sounds started happening immediately after installing an extension, and there were some past Vivaldi snapshots where the clicks and pops were worryingly loud, and they happened every time I launched Vivaldi on my Mac.

    I don't think that uBlock itself was ever really the problem per se (it also happened with AdBlock Plus installed), but rather that installing an extension (or a certain type of extension) seems to trigger something during Vivaldi's initialization that, in turn, still results in the occasional click/pop on launch.

  • @xyzzy hmm very odd, I hope it get's ironed out eventually.

    Other than that Vivaldi ticks every box and I prefer it to anything else.

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    @conxr I agree totally. Thankfully, for me, even a faint click is now a fairly rare occurrence and (knock on wood) hasn't happened yet with this latest snapshot.

    Kudos to the Mac developers for all of their efforts in getting this (hopefully completely) fixed!

  • I am experiencing this issue with Vivaldi 1.8.770.56 on macOS 10.12.3. I have Adblock Plus installed.

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    Strange. I haven't experienced any sounds on startup with any of the Vivaldi 1.8 releases (snapshot and stable, no extensions and with uBlock Origin) or the Vivaldi 1.9 snapshots. I removed uBlock0 and installed AdBlock Plus on Vivaldi 1.9.811.13; no problems.

    I'm still running OS X 10.11.6 on an older MacBook Pro. I also typically launch Vivaldi in a very light state -- many features disabled, no history, no previous sessions, and just a start page with no speed dials. I'm not sure if this is issue is a (hardware + macOS version) platform-specific or if there are other factors at play.

    Do the clicks/pops/scratching sounds on startup change if you disable your extensions?

  • I am also experiencing this with or without extensions using 1.8.770.56 (Stable channel) (64-bit) on macOS 10.12.4.

    It's a very small pop when Vivaldi launches.

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    Yes, that is the bug VB-27338 "Weird noise when starting vivaldi on macOS"
    Getting more users with this issue.
    I updated the bug and pointed a link to this forum.

  • Hi;

    I am experiencing same issue with Vivaldi 1.14.1047.3 on macOS 10.13.2. I have Adblock Plus installed.


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    FYI, there are a few bugs related to this glitch that are still open. It's not obvious what's causing it (a "reset" when one of the media software modules initializes??) but the Vivaldi team have not given up and know that this is something that needs to be addressed.


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