What I'm interested Vivaldi to have.

  • Vivaldi needs: Opera Link/ Chrome Sync Opera 11 most features (links at the side bar, cover unite gap with some chrome based addons, gestures , easy selection because all chrome based browsers suck at this point, etc. Start up menu, ask me what I want to do, continue from last time, open new tab, open home page... Facebook chat integration, google for first Rockmelt browser, was AWESOME, I could chat from everywhere and see my online friends. Please clone Rockmelts idea and not another browser .. Other features would be nice to be integrated OPTIONAL like add-ons only for Vivaldi. These integration must be like a solid part of the browser. My first impression is 10/10 because I feel you bring awesome Opera 11 back to life with a new high tech engine...

  • Only one thing that i want to Vivaldi to have is Firefox's bookmark toolbar(with RSS reader). For desktop machine this is very useful.

    Design team is perfect!!


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