Tag any webpage with graffiti

  • [size=5]This could be the feature which sets Vivaldi apart from other browsers.[/size] There are a number of ways to critique a particular page on the internet but all of them require too much setup or are too fragmented to get real value from searching them all. If Vivaldi had built-in tools allowing users to give feedback directly on webpages with the use of chat bubbles / drawing tools it would provide a new level of exploring the world wide web. Anyone could submit a publicly visible "graffiti overlay" tied to a URL then the community could vote them up or down so the useful and creative ones bubble to the top while the trolls sink to the bottom. (think inline reddit) I would love to provide direct feedback on netflix.com showing them which parts of their site don't make sense and netflox would love to see it too. As I'm more of a UX guy than a developer, hjow would I go about submitting a design for this defining feature?


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