Vivaldi with Windows Text @ 125%

  • My old monitor died so I got a new 27-inch monitor. Text is so small now on this new monitor that I tried setting Windows Text to Medium - 125%. Most programs handle the larger text but it has upset Vivaldi. Some things like the buttons in the Vivaldi Forum don't render correctly until Vivaldi is Zoomed to 120%, which is close enough to Windows @ 125% for the buttons to fit. I [i]assume[/i] that using the gigantic Windows Text size will also torque Vivaldi but I have not tested it. I've had some issues with attaching image files to the Vivaldi Forum (they don't show up) so I hope it works this time! [attachment=2987]Viv-Zoom.png[/attachment] FWIW [b]Tools/Settings/Appearance/Use Native Window[/b] does not help either way. At this point the problem is just with the Vivaldi Forum and other sites appear to render correctly. Windows 7 x64 | Vivaldi 1.0.435.26 x64 Attachments: [img][/img]

  • This is a known issue not only with just vivaldi, but with other browsers as well:
    There are several ways to fix this, but they are very complicated, so I'll leave you to figure it out 😛

  • Thanks for that, werty!

    I had the minimum text size for Vivaldi set to 12 or 14 and I 'fixed' it for now by setting it back to 9 so the buttons don't crack and split open. 🙂


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