Flash on YouTube?

  • Went to YouTube with Vivaldi for the first time in ages, and found that it's using the HTML5 player and not the Flash Player. I do have the latest PPAPI version of the Flash Plugin installed and enabled, (and the NPAPI version disabled), but it's not using it. Anyone any idea why? It's not a big issue as the HTML5 player seems fine, but I'm just puzzled! :)

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    YT uses a browser check and knwos whioch browser can play HTML5.
    If you want to have old flash content you should mimic a old browser like Internet Explorer 6 and then YT is using Flash.
    Try it with some Chrome Useragent switcher extension like https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/user-agent-switcher/clddifkhlkcojbojppdojfeeikdkgiae

  • Ah, thanks for the quick reply!
    So there's actually no point in having the PPAPI Flash player installed for YouTube, because any browser that's new enough to use it would use HTML5 anyway! I suppose some other sites might use it though.
    One thing I have now noticed is that sometimes on YouTube when accessing a video, I get the "an error has occurred, please try later" message. If I then reload the page, sometimes the video then plays, but using the Flash Player! Very strange, but I guess it's a fall-back if something fails with the HTML5 player.

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