Settings is all I get….

  • So, thrilled by the prospect, downloaded & installed on 64 bit Win 7 desktop. Browsed a little. Went to settings. And then, I can't get out of the settings page. Close browser, open it again - only the settings page. Uninstall and reinstall browser - only the settings page. Nothing else. Anyone any ideas?

  • Yes, i can confirm this bug, i was able to reproduce it on windows 8.1.1 x64 enterprise.
    Luckily i was able to get rid off it by reinstalling program. On the first installation i installed it as it came, so it was installed to "…/appsettings/local/..." folder, this time i installed vivaldi with "for all users" preset which installs in program files or program files x86 (depending on windows version you have).

    This should be taken as high priority bug and fixed asap.

  • I also can confirm this bug on Windows 7 x64 -
    I've installed it as "single user" in custom folder "/Program Files/". As mentoined by spectatorx, the workaround is to install it for all users - here it picked my x84 Program Files directory and it starting now as expected.

  • Hey, we will fix this issue so the settings page cant take over the session.
    For now it should work to open a new windows with CTR+N

  • I had a similar problem.
    It did not go away until I did this:
    1 Close Vivaldi
    2 find your vivaldi folder on your home/user page and delete it.
    It then forgets it was ever started and you can start a new "first time"



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