Integrating KDE KWin Mouse Gestures with Vivaldi Browser.

  • [color=#8800ff]Hello -- FYI -- only relevant for [u]KDE users[/u]. Though i continue to basically love V, like all of us here there's various little temporary frustrations & grumbles i've felt... so today i dealt with one of them for me. I thought i'd post this here in case it might help other KDE users. I setup some KDE KWin Mouse Gestures today, partly as an experiment, but mostly in frustration coz Vivaldi still doesn't have [i]customisable[/i] mouse gestures, & the predefined ones still do not include scrolling left & right along the tabs bar. Activating KDE's mouse gestures seemed to have disabled ALL Vivaldi's native ones, including those which til now i've been happily using. Hence, as well as creating my 2 new desired gestures to scroll the tabs as above, i also in KWin had to then recreate my fav Vivaldi preset gestures. As i only use [i]some[/i] of them, this wasn't as onerous as it sounds. I documented my procedure, with lots of screenshots, in a PPTX file, & if anyone is interested in using it i'd be happy to upload it here. Anyway i'm quite pleased, as now as well as my fav existing mouse gestures i can finally navigate left & right along my Tabs row just with gestures [natch all the other modes still work fine too]. [/color]

  • UPDATE – Dunno why i overlooked these initially, but today i've added two new Gestures in KWin for Vivaldi, which also are currently not available natively within Vivaldi... Page Top & Page Bottom. So now via KWin every time i'm using V [= all the time] i can move back & fwd in history, left & right along the tabs row, top & bottom of the active page, refresh & close pages… all simply with my KWin mouse gestures. Cool.


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