Snapshot 1.0.435.22 - Bugfixes and Breakfast

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    [quote=ruario]Here are a few more important fixes as we close in on the final 1.0 release. In other news, if you live near Palo Alto and would like to have breakfast with our founders, sign up below![/quote] [b]Changelog[/b] [Regression] Poorly visible text of the hidden interface on browser bar (VB-14394) [Windows] [Linux] Some Alt key shortcuts to access the Vivaldi menu do not work (VB-14737) [Mac] Facebook embedded video do not play (VB-12544) Saving session with some special characters in session name fails silently (VB-13427) Extension doesn't work (Lightshot) : captureVisibleTab API (VB-11013) Clearing history deletes SpeedDial thumbnails (VB-9601)


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