No info for sloooow loading pages

  • If a website take a long time to get a response, there almost no info that the page is load. The only info is that the reload icon has changed to an X. It would be nice if there was some feedback that the browser is trying to connect with a site.

  • Exactly!!
    I was thinking the same thing~ ;)
    Sometimes, on slow sites, nothing happens, so I click the link or button lots of times, thinking it's not working, and then all of a sudden, it loads all at once…... :S
    Maybe some sort of loading icon that spins or something would be useful.... :)
    I hope it's implemented in the final version.... B)

  • I noticed the same thing. It seems like there's a pause of 1-2 seconds and then all of the sudden things start to happen. Very sluggish feel. Help/About says "1.0.435.26 (Developer Build) (32-bit)". I wonder if the Developers Build still contains debug code and maybe that's why the performance is slow.

  • Moderator

    Yes, true, that is irritating. I sometimes get only a white page. And nothing happens in address bar if the connection is slow or bad.
    The issue of missing feedback in adressbar is already reported in bugtracker.

    I hope it will be fixed soon, perhaps later after the first Final.

  • The time a page takes to load is definitely a weak point on Vivaldi, the boot up of the programme itself takes a long as well.

    Plenty of users have commented upon it but has anyone at Vivaldi addressed the issue?

  • +1

    This really needs to be added. No notification that a page is preparing to load is incredibly frustrating!

  • When you open many many tabs. When the data needed to load is over 100 or 200. It dont load at all, just stuck there.
    Example: I open facebook which is 100/240. I open another tabs with 40/50. Both stuck there, dont load at all. I must close both and open new tab again.

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