Request: Hotkeys to move tabs up/down in the order, and to merge/split into adjacent tabs

  • I’d like to improve Vivaldi’s keyboard navigability. One of the few areas where I still have to resort to the mouse is in tab group management. There doesn’t seem to be any way to stack tabs other than by dragging them on top of each other. I propose the following solution: • Two hotkeys to shift the active tab up/left or down/right in the tab order. (Up/down if the tab bar is placed vertically, left/right if it’s placed horizontally.) • Two hotkeys to merge tabs into either one of its neighbors. If the tab bar is vertical, that means into the top neighbor or the bottom neighbor; if it’s horizontal, then the hotkeys would merge the active tab into the neighbor on its left or right. • One hotkey to split a tab group, breaking it apart into its individual tabs again. These five hotkeys cover all the most used operations in tab grouping and ungrouping, and would obviate a lot of dragging and right-clicking that’s difficult to do if you’re not using a conventional mouse (which I’m often not, when I’m on touchscreen devices or otherwise using keyboard mousekeys.) Thanks for reading.

  • +1 this is one of the only thing right now that still requires me to use a mouse.


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