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  • There is any way to make vivaldi sync bookmarks with icloud? I can install the icloud bookmark extension from the chrome store without problens, but in icloud manager it expect just chrome, so it show as not installed and i cannot enable the option to sync. Is there any way to make icloud manager to "see" vivaldi as being chrome? If this is left up to apple it will never happen, so if there is any way around it it would be great.

  • I was fiddling with this some weeks back and was able to get it to sync. Since the iCloud control panel was so insistent on the extension being installed in Chrome I figured why not try that. After installing the extension in Chrome as well I could enable Chrome in the iCloud settings and then both Chrome and Vivaldi got the bookmarks synced.

    Wasn't flawless, Vivaldi only has bookmarks, while all the other browsers have their Bookmarks bar as a separate folder (Firefox as "Bookmarks Toolbar" and "Bookmarks Menu", Chrome has "Bookmarks bar" and "Other bookmarks", and Safari has Bookmarks and Favourites the latter of which acts as toolbar) so it only synced the toolbar (going by some Xmarks threads here the rest might have ended up in Trash).

    Unfortunately, while it worked for a moment neither Chrome nor Vivaldi has been syncing at all for a good while now. Either a Chromium update broke the extension or the extension just broke. Despite the bad reviews I'm not inclined to simply blame it on the extension, the Firefox addon has really bad reviews as well but has worked flawlessly for me…

  • You can have a bookmark bar folder if you want.

    In fact you can set any folder to be bookmark bar folder and/or speed dial folder and they do not have to be the same.

    just open the bookmark manager or the bookmarks in the side panel, right click in any bookmark folder and there you have both options, to make that the bookmark bar folder and to make that the speed dial folder.

    The complaints in firefox are because the extension is broken in latest firefox version and never worked with firefox 64 bits (something that also happened in chrome in the early days if i remember correctly), apple take forever to update and fix the problens.


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