Sort Bookmarks BUT NOT Speed dial

  • There must be a forum topic on this someplace, but I am not seeing it. Is there a way to get Vivaldi to sort my bookmarks but NOT my speed dial? The problem seems to be that, in Vivaldi, Speed dial just IS bookmarks (designated bookmark folders). So when I sort the bookmarks alphabetically, after a while I find my speed dials also sorted. I need the bookmarks sorted aphabetically, but speed dial I would prefer to have sorted in the manner I decide. I put the stuff I use the most right up top. The problem is that sometimes the stuff I use a lot starts with, like an "s" or a "v"--I don't want to have to scroll down my various speed dial pages in order to get to the sites I use the most.

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    I can only suggest a workaround. Name your speed dials with a prefix: 01, 02, 03 etc.

    Just click the Title on the speed dial to rename them.


  • @Pesala:

    I can only suggest a workaround.

    Not a bad idea. However, my Speed Dials reverted themselves back to nonalphabetical (my order) seemingly at random again. Perhaps that (switching at random) is a worse problem than automatically alphabetizing them. I didn't re-order anything in bookmarks or do anything else I can think of that could have caused the change. So far it hasn't switched back to alphabetical.

    I suppose if I do your suggested workaround, switching from alphabetical to my order should theoretically make no difference because both will be in the order I select.


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