SpeedDial problems

  • Am I the only person having this problem? I have multiple SpeedDial pages, each one consisting of a folder from Bookmarks--let's call them TabOne, TabTwo, and TabThree, each with a bunch of bookmarks. Within some of the tabs are folders with additional bookmarks. TabOne is the default tab--when I open a new page, TabOne is right there, but to get to TabTwo I have to click on TabTwo. So here is my problem: When any change is made in tab two or in any folder, SpeedDial automatically switches back to TabOne. By "change" I mean, download or update thumbnail, move thumbnail, add or delete one letter in name of bookmark (only when in non-default SpeedDial tab, not in bookmarks--you cannot type a bookmark name except 1 letter at a time). The workaround is to make the TabTwo the "default tab" while making changes and then move TabOne back to default position. Or make changes in bookmarks. But even this isn't great--downloading thumbnails in a folder will kick you back out to the default tab every time a thumbnail comes in; but there's no way to make the folder the "default" tab temporarily. Seems like a bug to me, but I want to make sure I'm not the only one experiencing this issue.

  • Moderator

    The switching-back is a known and reported bug.
    I hope it will be fixed in Final.


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