Downloads color / selection / multiple

  • clicking outside of the downloaded file or downlad zone doesn't remove the selection color over the downloaded file. multiple selections over many downloads doesn't operate (downloaded files to be deleled). this browser configuration (attached file ) LOVE it and ADORE it, search Bar in Bottom WOW and the Tabs Top WOW ( with colors) you could add a palette of colors to choose from use the native Apple color eyedropper tool. the preferences toolbox isn't fast and sleek enough, it works fine, but the mouse movements is a bit slow or buggy... I don't know... Please take into consideration working sites and browsers in the market to become among the best,, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Firefox, Maelstrom Browser in Beta for windows soon for mac by Bit Torrent inc[/url], Chrome, Maxthon, there is this old unused browser that still works fast very fast: its files are still online ( by Atsushi Jike , Sunrise Browser ):[/url] Thank you for your help Attachments: [img][/img]


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