Horizontal scrollbar not working on a web site

  • I use this website which has wide tables and therefore uses horizontal scrollbars. Unfortunately, they don't seem to work in Vivaldi (Beta 3). I cannot seem to highlight the scrollbar by hovering over it, or drag it. This works in other browsers however. I'm not exactly sure, but I think this might have worked in the past (either in an earlier version of Vivaldi, or they changed something on the website). Link to a page containing such a scrollbar: http://nordpoolgroup.com/Market-data1/Elspot/Capacities1/Capacities/KEY/Norway/?view=table edit: How odd, it sometimes seems to work and sometimes not. Troubleshooting further... edit 2: Alright, so to reproduce the issue, open this page: http://nordpoolgroup.com/Market-data1/Elspot/ It will not have a horizontal scrollbar if your screen is 1680x1050 or wider. Then click on "Capacities" in the left menu to get to the same page as the link above. This page will have a scrollbar that doesn't work.

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    Beta 3 is really old.
    Please try current Snapshot 1.0.435.5 from https://vivaldi.net/en-US

  • I've had bad experiences with browser snapshots before. However, I updated to v1.0.435.5 now and the issue still exists.

  • @ntoskrnl:

    However, I updated to v1.0.435.5 now and the issue still exists.

    I can reproduce the problem - but only when I have Vivaldi maximised (full screen).
    If I just use a non-maximised Vivaldi window, the horizontal scrollbar always works.

    Win 10 (64); Vivaldi 1.0.435.5 (64 bit).

  • Interesting, the issue appears to be fixed in v1.1.453.6.

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