Include in future versions of vivaldi the possibility of anchoring the search on the current page.

  • Search the internet requires two steps: 1. Search engine. 2. Search the page that brought you the engine search. In Opera 12 had the option of anchoring the option to search the current page, within its interface. They all current browsers make the mistake of resorting to keyboard shortcut (ctrl + f). It is very uncomfortable to go page by page giving the keyboard shortcut, when you look at a page with lots of information what you're looking. Vivaldi had to have that same option to anchor the search page. Suffice place an anchor icon to the small sale that opens when you press the keyboard shortcut. Another thing to want to be able to import the search engines opera 12. In my case I have over 15 and is uncomfortable having to re-inclusion in Vivaldi.

  • I'm very confused. Could you explain further what you mean by "anchoring"?


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