Vivaldi browser: Love the design, but here's some feedback!

  • Hi! I'll wait for the planned features before I offer feedback on these things, but I'll start with the design for now. I really like the way you're heading with this and I was happily surprised to see that Vivaldi looks great on hiDPI-displays already from the start! The Vivaldi icon in the top-left is not optimized however and appears blurry/pixelated. Also, I like how the tab bar picks up colors from the active website! The change is a bit delayed however, which makes it somewhat distracting as it happens. I think you would either need to make it instant, or even better: make a really soft transition, not an abrupt change. I might as well add that the feature I always wished for in the original Opera browser was custom speed dial images.

  • One thing about the icon - it seems to me that it doesn't really fit the flat GUI style of the browser. It would fit Opera 12 perfectly though. :)

    I'm hoping to see a new icon, something like the Windows 8 tiles - flat white on flat red.

  • You may be right about that. I don't mind it being tilted a bit though! But might be nicer if it was flat like you said?

    Another thing I've noticed now is that the contrast could be a bit better. The grey behind the tabs should be a tiny bit darker to help the inactive tabs to stand out better.

    Also, I might have posted this in the wrong forum, so maybe someone should move the thread.

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