[solved] Navigate back and forth in a web paneel?

  • Hi folks! I feel really stupid asking this questions, but i didn't find any way to solve this problem: I set up some web paneels for facebook, twitter instagram, so I can scroll down my timelines and so on. The web paneels use the normal mobile versions of the social networks. So far, everything is awesome. Now if i click on an image or video in facebook or a tweet in twitter, these media will show up in my web paneel as they should, just like in any mobile browser on my phone. Great. But if i want to go back to the timeline, I have no back-button. Nor a mouse gesture or anything. instead, I have to use the navigation of the mobile page. However, the navigation takes me back to the very top of my timeline and I've to scroll down all the way back to the posting I clicked on. That's a horrible user experience! It's just awkward... do I miss something or is there any chances to fix this? Thank you! Micha 🙂

  • The idea is to have a simple page always available, not a full blown browser (which is just stick to it)

    Just middle click on the link you are interested to, so a proper page will be opened.

    It's pointless to navigate fully inside the web panel, consider it like a bookmark bar on steroid and you'll be happy 🙂

  • Ok, thank you for clarification 🙂
    The trick with the middle click doesn't work all the time, but it does a good job^^ 😎

    Thank you,

  • @unicorn right-click within the panel and you will see the options to go back or forward 😉
    hope that helps

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    @d3f4ult Unicorn has not posted for two years, so I don't know if your answer helps much.

    You can also right-click on a Panel Icon to Display all toolbar controls.


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