[Bug] Vivaldi can't play or download correctly some gifs on Telegram

  • When you send a gif on Telegram, it automatically converts it to a mp4 file. For some reason, Vivaldi can't play some of these files. I don't know for sure what triggers this problem, but it seems to be when the file have 2 extensions, like "filename.gif.mp4". But if you open this file on a tab, Vivaldi can play it normally, so it only happens when it's embedded on Telegram. This second problem doen't seem to be related with the first one. You can download the gifs by opening them in a new tab, it's how it behaves on every browser. The problem is, some of these files are saved with the name "file", without an extension. If you change the file's extension to ".mp4" it works normally, so Vivaldi can save these files, but rename them, and it doesn't happens on Firefox, Chrome or Opera. I hope you guys can fix these bugs, it's boring having to save the gifs to see them. :p

  • Moderator

    Which Vivaldi, which OS?
    Give us a URL with such problem, please.

  • Windows 10, Snapshot 1.0.435.22, 64 bits.

    Unfortunately, I can't send a link, Telegram is a messenger, so one of you guys would have to use the web client and send a gif to another user. But I can help you to reproduce it.

    Go to http://web.telegram.org/ and use your phone number to login. Open a chat with another person (or use this bot if you don't want to add another user https://telegram.me/chatter_bot ) and send him a gif from your computer and try to play it. Probably you will get a white space, without any image. If you try to download it, the file name will be "something.gif.mp4"

    Now use the gif bot to send him a gif. To use the bot, write on the text box "@gif smile". A pop-up will appear, select any gif. Now play this gif, it's probably gonna work, and if you download it, the file name is "giphy.mp4".

    Both of them are mp4 files, videos, but for some reason, Vivaldi can't play the ones send by a user. To download the gif/mp4, open it in a new tab.


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