Middle Mouse Wheel leads to unwanted ad sites

  • 😞 As much as I enjoy Vivaldi's speed and simplicity, I find that using my mousewheel to scroll down frequently causes unwanted advertising pages to open. I have used Malwarebytes to clean up my PC, but still it happens. Very odd! Thanks

  • Just in case, check Vivaldi's listings of extensions and plug-ins (under Tools) to make sure that adware hasn't installed itself as an extension or plug-in in the browser. Such infections don't always show up in scans using the usual anti-adware tools. If there are any names you don't recognize, remove them.

  • If you haven't any virus, expect ads, consider also to install an ad-blocker, like ublock origin, to get off the nasty ads (from it you can also whitelist sites you wanna support showing their ads)
    Try to disable also the show popup, following this link in address bar```

  • More details:

    – the tab in which using the thumbwheel generates a new "ad tab" sometimes freezes and does not respond to the thumbwheel or to page-up/page-down. In a recent case, the "from-page" was a CNN page:

    But then this very forum page generated an ad-tab, though without freezing.

    -- a sample "ad-tab" which came up this morning is:
    http://www.c4p8.com/tindex.php?aur=n&state=California&hn=cnn.com&s=c0e73308-dba1-4f23-b23c-dd07ae760fe7&uos=Windows&b=Chrome&alt=0&cut=0&c=US&osv=Windows 10&ip=

    --Blackbird: thank you. I have now checked extensions and tools, and did not see any suspicious ones at first glance.

  • That ad-tab seems very suspicious to me..
    Which antivirus do you use?
    Try to do also a full scan with it: Malware Bytes is specific for malwares, maybe is another type of threat.
    Other browser do the same thing? Open tabs/windows with uncontrolled ads?
    Have you tried to uninstall/reinstall vivaldi in a different path?
    Sometimes, some malwares hijack the host file, so navigate to this folder

    ```and open the file HOSTS (the one without extension)
    This file usually is "blank", expect for the rows introduced by # symbol (comment lines)
    If some sites are listed you can delete the line, but if you are unsure make a copy of that file before to proceed.

  • I've seen those kinds of ads before; be very careful of them, they are scams, and try to make you pay to remove a "virus" that you have on your computer….
    More than likely, they will only take you money and do nothing....
    Suggestions: Try using a better antivirus program like Norton Internet Security or Avast Internet Security (those two are the best)
    Also, remove any programs that you don't need, didn't install, look suspicious, etc.
    Use a cleaner such as CCleaner or Wise Disk cleaner to clean up your hard drive....
    If the problem still persists, the best thing to do is make a new computer user, and trash the other one, or reinstall windows...
    Hope that helped~ πŸ™‚

  • I think I'd try scanning the computer with at least 3 different, reputable anti-malware programs: Malwarebytes, AdwCleaner, and SuperAntiSpyware (making sure that they have the latest signatures, where applicable). The "to" link you included contains all manner of 'referral' details typical of an adware redirector of some kind. There's very little information out there about the C4P8 domain via a 'whois' inquiry, and what details there are seem well-hidden (a curious element, and not too encouraging, is that the domain was registered via GoDaddy only on 21 March 2016).

    After that, and if all else fails, I'd try fresh-installing the browser to an entirely new folder name with no importation of anything from an earlier installation. See if the problem recurs using the new installation. If not, there's some kind of still-undetected adware corruption in the old installation.

    Normally, adware arrives bundled with a freeware download from a freeware house or as a user-selected 'toolbar' download. Have you downloaded and installed anything of those kinds just prior to the onset of the issue?

  • OK, thank you all for your help. I have run Avasti - it found nothing - and deleted all non-commented lines in the host file. The phenomenon continues, alas. I am therefore going to uninstall 😠 Vivaldi with revo uninstaller and reinstall it.

    I'll let you know if that helps. And again, I appreciate the thoughts so far!

  • I found this link: https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-adware-popup-ads/
    Check it out; it might be of some help~ πŸ™‚

  • Moderator

    You may have got some adware on your PC, inserted on pages by malware over security holes of old Flash, Sun Java, Quicktime etc. plugins.
    Or some other "freeware" programs or fake updaters from download portals may have installed it.

    Its better to get software only from webpages of the software creators, not from some get-all-software portals.

  • I suggest also a full scan with this very useful tool that can find something.

  • OK, I did the following. Malwarebytes did not solve it. Then I used AdwCleaner, which also did not solve it.

    I followed with SuperAntiSpyware and a complete de-installation with Revo Uninstaller, and a reinstallation in a new directory with a different name. That combination seems to have solved the problem :lol: but I am not sure which part of it did the magic.

    Thank you much for all those who helped! I hope this topic will be of value to those who may suffer this in the future.



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