How to configure the Vivaldi mail client in Uniserver Zero Xi

  • I am attempting to configure the Vivaldi mail client to work with my PC test environment without much success. I am using Uniserver Zero XI as my test environment on my PC. I can get my Gmail account working using the following configuration in Uniserver: tls on port 587 tls_certcheck off host from auth on user password my-password But I can't seem to find out what the equivalent setting would be for the Vivaldi mail client. Would anyone be able to assist? Thanks

  • This is a very odd thing for you to post… since the mail client is in development and has not been publicly released!

    So either you've got hold of an insider build (lucky you!) or... I don't know - you're not actually using Vivaldi or something!?

  • Moderator

    Hint: Your local mail server has not a correct SSL certificate for and the Vivaldi mail client will not connect to such unsafe configuration. That is ok.

    And we cant answer questions about the mail client as currently the Vivaldi mail client is not a public version.

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