Facebook Causes Crashes

  • Is anybody else having my issue? Not that I want to admit how much I use Facebook, but it seems like almost every time I hit the site Vivaldi locks up. At least I can close it with the X, but it still usually leaves a process running in the background. Usually happens when I am scrolling, not when I'm reading or typing.

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    Please give us:
    1. Version of Vivaldi (vivaldi://about)
    2. Windows version
    3. URL to such facebook page which can bee seen without login
    4. a description what is on the page (mich images, much GIF, much video?)

  • 1.0.403.24 (Beta 3) (64-bit)
    Windows 10
    It's just the Facebook timeline, nothing special, so I can't provide a specific link.
    Facebook, for me at least, has turned into a treasure trove of videos that automatically play. I can't say what ever really causes the issue but, for instance, pictures and videos, when clicked on, usually take a while to open their pop-up window. Sometimes it happens early in scrolling down the page, sometimes it takes some time.

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    These crashes were fixed in the recent snapshots. You can install the latest at https://vivaldi.net/userblogs

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    @MayThe Myself and the developers cannot reproduce your problem. What can you tell us about your system, your extensions and your security software?

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