Fundamental request for modern browser

  • I have a big request. Make the browser single-process, 64-bit by default (keep multi-process 32-bit build optional). Use additional processes for plugins/addons if needed. That is how Opera 12 handled things. But this is not the reason for my request. I'm quite an advanced user who is familiar with Win32/PE/asm/debugging stuff. From my pov, what Google made with modern browser design (switching to multi-process, 32-bit) is a horrible choice. I expect most people here understand this without too much of technical details. Splitting memory usage between tabs, having a separate "task manager" in place, justifying the whole issue with "but this way the browser won't crash all tabs" instead of fixing actual crash issues - this all is a bad practice. I know Chromium has an option for single process and it has 64-bit builds now. I'm asking to explore these both options and to seek for more ways to improve the actual experience. In my opinion, having to rely on dozens of 32-bit processes in modern environment will not be optimal. Also, most users will never use 32-bit OS as their main OS ever again.

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    Maintain a 32bit version for those who want it. Performance benefits of 64bit are minimal in normal browsing use.

  • Both versions should definitely be available. I'd use a 64bit version.

  • @Terryphi:

    Maintain a 32bit version for those who want it.

    I was not asking to drop 32bit completely.


    Performance benefits of 64bit are minimal in normal browsing use.

    This has nothing to do with the performance.

    Single-process vs multi-process:
    Having 1 process with 1 set of system and 3rd party modules in memory is better than having 20 processes with 20 sets of same modules. Better for RAM and for swap file. CPU usage is also more predictable.

    64-bit vs 32-bit:
    64-bit process will not start losing stuff and crashing after reaching 1-1.5 GB of RAM usage. This is a real case scenario. Not 3 GB and not 2 GB - browsers with many tabs force memory sections to have more segments. A direct result of momery fragmentation.

    Also, "normal browser use" is where Chrome dominates. People who liked old Opera used to be able to do a little bit more than "normal".


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