TAB key not working?

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    Sorry my french is not very well and i had it at german Gymnasium (i thinks thats similar to High School at anglophonic countries) 40 years ago. 😉
    And i see my text had typos.

    The bug on Linux is not resolved and known. Programmers have a look at it. I hope it will be fixed in next Snapshot. But i have not timeline. I cant say more.

  • I'm pleased to report that the Tab Key bug appears to be resolved since I upgraded to v1.1.453.47 last night. I also tested the Tab Key function with Smooth Scrolling both enabled & disabled [after closing & restarting Vivaldi each time] & it works both ways. Well done, thanks!

  • I confirm it is working also for me, using the snapshot (1.1.453.45)

    Thank you, to Wireaddict, for warning here.

    Thank you also to the devs for building and fixing, but please, please, do not break basic functionality for nearly 2 months on a regular basis.

  • I am trying to use it in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 32 bit edition.

    Tab key is not working for navigation.
    Tried all options suggested by people.

    Kindly help.

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    What means navigation for you? in UI? Or in webpage?

  • Navigation inside the browser.
    eg. when signing up, enter username and use tab key to go to password field.
    when filling any form, you write text and use tab key to move to the next question.
    also while composing email, you add recipient email and then use tab key to go to subject.
    then once done, again use tab key to go to the main body.

    This way use of tab key becomes very useful and friendly.
    Right now, this has to be done with a mouse click and is really inconvenient.

  • which Vivaldi version?

    The issue with the tab key has been fixed quite recently for my case.

    (alas, Youtube videos do not work now… sound only... but let's not go too much into off topic 🙂 )

  • @rkzn:

    (alas, Youtube videos do not work now… sound only... but let's not go too much into off topic 🙂 )

    Did you try to disable the hardware acceleration? In my case worked. To find it, paste in url bar:```

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    Did not notice when this got resolved as I have been using input device to switch input fields (a pain).

    Many Thanks to Vivaldi Devs for fixing this issue !!


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