When Vivaldi window closed, and tapped again the window does not re-open.

  • I have had this bug ever since I started using Vivaldi 4 months ago. This bug, I know, would slow a lot of power users down, so I am calling on the Vivaldi developers to fix it. I know it's already a reported bug, but I would like to see it be fixed. How to reproduce: 1. Open Vivaldi off the Mac dock. 2. Click the 'X' button on the top left corner of the window. 3. Try to open a Vivaldi window using the Dock while Vivaldi is running in the background. And... A Vivaldi window won't open. How to fix (temporarily): 1. Close Vivaldi (right-click the Vivaldi icon and hit 'Quit'.) 2. Tap the Vivaldi icon. A window will open.


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