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  • I have a local hmtl file that I can add either as file://.. or http://127.0.01/.. When I do so the webpanel's icon briefly sets to the correct favicon specified in the page's source but after about a second it changes to some generic image. This doesn't happen when I add other panels, like this very page, for example, where V favicon stays in place.

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    Wfork for me with 1.0.430.3 32bit Win 10x64. works for me, you need a webserver at this adress which has a favicon.ico in document root.

    From file:// file is broken.
    Reported as bug VB-14688 "Webpanel from file:// lost icon"

  • I've tried with localhost,, my LAN address and file. Favicon is picked up for a brief moment and then replaced with generic image.

    Location and exact name of favicon on the site itself shouldn't matter, it's given in html tag and browsers always respect it. Right now the page is open in a regular Vivaldi tab and favicon is there, it just doesn't stick to webpanel.

    I'm on 1.0.418.3 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit)

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    You should always test with Latest Snapshot, 418.3 is old. 😉

  • I couldn't find webpanels config file, it might provide some clues to what's going on. With speedial thumbnail issues I manually edited bookmarks file to load locally saved icons, for example. In Opera similar problems can be fixed by directly editing appropriate entries in their databases, but in this case I can't even find where to look.

  • Same behavior after update to 1.0.430.3, but I've noticed that the brief moment when correct favicon is visible is when the panel is not fully loaded yet. Once all the elements, which in my case are images, are loaded, the favicon changes to the generic one and stays the same on subsequent reloads (clicking the home button in panel's title). It doesn't matter whether the images are pulled off the web or stored locally, as soon as the panel is fully loaded the generic icon overwrites the page assigned favicon.

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    The bug is known, and may be fixed in next Snapshots or next Beta. I dont know yet.


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