Per-site configuration ?

  • Hello. I am using vivaldi since several months and am quite happy with it (despite a big performance problem when using flash player, and the very slow booting, that is). It really can't be compared to other browsers (except otter-browser maybe, but last time I tried it, it's default configuration was unusable), in the good direction (can't think of why some browsers can sync with others (but themselves only, of course), provide some vocal chat, and not allow you to even group tabs easily! That's stupid.). Thanks for the work you already made, guys (now, I must admit I sometimes wonder how you earn money with vivaldi...). Now, there are some features (which were present in opera 12) that I wonder if they are planned or not: * per-site configuration (cookie, * disabling of JS (very useful with the per-site configuration, it speeds up the web browsing a lot since it removes the bloat from many websites) * on-demand plugin activation (so that when you need 1 flash instance of a webpage, you don't end with 10 of them. Plus, the perf problem I'm experiencing might be related to that...) * no animated images (I miss this a lot... no, I do not use an adblocker, I do not mind seeing some ads, but when it blinks it makes me wanting to kill) * disabling the form auto-complete, that annoying thing which remember what I wrote where, and which asks me to remember passwords (I NEVER ask a software to remember my passwords). * mouse gestures on the Speed Dial, because it's quite annoying when a bad move sends you there, and you have to travel your way to the "next" button to fix it. But maybe some of those are already here, but simply not available in vivaldi://settings ? Honestly, if those were implemented, I think that vivaldi would be very, very close of opera 12 in my heart (and maybe it would replace it). [Edit] Since no-one answered (it's still a young post, not surprising), I would like to add the suggestion (unrelated to O12) to allow to theme the page scrollbar. In my opinion there is a lack of contrast between the "cursor" and the bar, which makes it difficult to see where in the page you are. For most websites it's not a problem, background and page structure are far better indicators (I rarely use it, really) but sometimes it is.

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    All your described whishes are planned.
    You are right, the F12 from Opera 12 is a really missing feature.

    You can reach some settings with the URL vivaldi://chrome/settings/content


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