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  • Hello All, So I am busy making the change from Chrome to Vivaldi and I have one small item that is going to bug me and that is that I cannot use Google Bookmarks with Vivaldi. The extensions that I am talking about is this one: Why do I want to carry on using Google Bookmarks and not export all of them and re-import them into Vivaldi? Simply really, I have an Android phone that my bookmarks are synced with. I can install the extension without an issue but (for obvious reasons) when I visit chrome://bookmarks/ it takes me to the Vivaldi built in bookmark tool. Would it be possible to get this to be a user set option? Much like the search engines? Also, if anyone knows of a way I can get this working that would be great :).

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    Vivaldi has no Interface to Google Sync accounts. Perhaps that may come.
    As i know a own Vivaldi Sync will come, to own servers and cloud, to Vivaldi Sync servers, locally.
    At least in first Final i hope.


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