Hate the Windows 8 Look

  • I like the idea of this browser but really hate the generic windows 8 look of the buttons, icons, etc being so generic makes it less appealing to me.

  • Vivaldi fits perfectly to Win 10. :)

  • -1

  • I hate your comment…

  • Its actually called a Flat layout. Its becoming pretty much a new standard in GUI design… Generally it just makes everything clearer to the users. I'm not sure why you wouldn't like it? maybe the colors are wrong? What makes it a horrible experience for you?

  • If you call this look as standard in GUI design, then you must apologize to all designers in the world. Even shitty Windows looks better than this.

  • Well, then you will have to drop Windows completely because this is the new trend.

    I disliked it as well initially but you can't revert the trend anymore. Google started it with their Chrome logo, making it flat, then they did this with all their icon and products, then Microsoft did the same for their Windows 8 logo, then they did this for the whole operating system and then Apple did the same for theirs. Now even the latest Android is all flat as well. Everything is flat now !!! Welcome to a flat world..

    So get used it to it. Windows 10 is likely not going to change this, its because flat looks better on smaller devices (I think but honestly I don't know why they all changed to flat) but anyway, flat was already the fashion before in the 80s, then 3D came, now its flat again.

    I think the browser design will just try to match what is coming, which is Windows 10. So you will be forced to like flat. Its easier on the eyes but I would like some transparency to be honest. Flat colors can be so intensive it hurts. Lets hope Windows 10 brings some transparency. So far it does not look like it will.

  • I don' t use windows for years nor Android. And yes I can revert any trend if I want. Just download any Linux distro for free and choose a theme/DE you like. Ther are many DE's. And it's open.

  • And nothing says you are not going to be able to install your own theme or looks with Vivaldi in the future either.

    Linux is also adopting the flat trend.

  • I don't need/want to install themes. I only wish that will be support for GTK theming, so the browser will use my current GTK theme, like Firefox, Cromium, Opera. etc….. every browser support this feature, only Vivaldi not. And Linux is not "Linux OS" it's just kernel. There is hundreds of distributions of Linux and you can modify it the way you like, so if you say "
    Linux is also adopting the flat trend" It's not true at all. Of course you can make your own distro and share it over the world. We don't need Microsoft to use our PCs, right ?

  • Vivaldi Team


    It may be difficult to let gtk take over major parts of the Vivaldi UI since it is rendered using web technologies. What we could offer though is what you see in Google Chrome where you can let window decorations and buttons be handled by the desktop environment. For instance, Ubuntu has a dark theme with the windows controls on the left while Vivaldi has a light theme with the buttons on the right. This doesn't offer the level of integration many expect from their web browser.

    We will be listening to our users, like you, so stay tuned and let us know what you want and need from your web browser and we we do all we can to accommodate :)

  • Thanks for reply Christian. It's not only my opinion, trust me that the theming is a big problem for most of Linux users. Especially for Ubuntu/Unity users and you know that Ubuntu has one of the most users [Linux] http://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=popularity This is important argument.

  • martyj you do realize this is a technical preview right?

    How come its a problem for most users if there is not a single stable consumer version released yet? I don't think looks its a problem for anyone at this stage, its basically for testing out.

    Let me make you one example, Microsoft is allowing people to vote if they want Aero back in Windows 10. So the current version of Windows 10 is not exactly how it will end up looking. Microsoft and most developers, including Canonical which makes Ubuntu leaves those changes to the last state. Looks is not that important in a software but functionality is, this is why they make those changes right in the last stage. If you want looks then Chrome or Firefox has it, and I hate it, because they put looks over functionality and hide things so the browsers looks more slick.

    Vivaldi has to fix and implement many things first before caring to much on how the browsers looks on platforms. Actually if you ask me, I prefer the looks to be same in Linux, Mac and Windows, but that is just me. I honestly don't care damm about looks, I want functioanlity and be able to access things fast on daily work. This is means having the zoom options visible, having the trash icon one click away, having bookmarks in the side, tabs in the side, etc. You get the point, Vivaldi is for power users, its not so people say the browser is beautiful, Opera 15+ is going that approach and look how terrible it is for old Presto users, even their bookmarks make absolutely no sense, but hey, they are very beautiful at first glance, but once you start to use them everyday its a pain….

    You are taking to much attention on the looks and Vivalvi is not about looks at all. Its about power features and making a browser that makes your web work and web experience easier. I started to hate my job since several months and never knew why. Today I love it again and I noticed why, because I need the right tools. Vivaldi is a tool. If you want something that looks very nicely in your operating systems then you have choices. We don't need another beautiful browsers that sucks. We need a browser that works. And this is the technical preview which means its there to test the technical things.

    I can understand that you want the browser to look similar to how your OS looks, but this is not bug stopper, it means, its not stopping you from using the browser. In future I'm sure many other Ubuntu users will come up with a way to change the looks.

    What Christian told you is that Vivaldi is rendered with web technologies, this is why its not taking the look of Gnome or KDE in Linux. You do realize what this means right? Because its like saying why does Google.com doesn't look like Ubuntu on Ubuntu.

  • I know this is a tech preview and I fully respect, what you wrote. But like I said in Unity look=functioanlity beacuse of buttons, global menu etc. (I don't use Unity btw). That's all.

    But of course it doesn't matter what Ubuntu users say. This is definitely browser for Windows users. With his flat and "united" philosofy.

  • I'd have to agree i don't like the flat all that much, for people who's brain works by recognizing colors and shapes more then letters and words flat designs can be near impossible to use. The designers going this way arn't doing a good job of creating interfaces that work well for all users. It should be noted that while a few Linux desktops are heading towards flat, there are plenty that arn't.

    Having said all that vivaldi uses enough color that for me it is at least usable, unlike some other programs i have used with a flat design.

  • I quite like a good bit of what this browser is trying to do with it's appearance. However, like with the new CCLeaner, I just don't understand why a native skin is not the default. Thick white titlebars look very out of place on Windows 7

  • I also use flat interface, but it's modified by my need. For example this is my interface : http://kuc.cz/kfi3vc
    But remember freedom of choice is most important. If all applications will be united and closed, then will kill our freedom.

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