Copy part of url from address bar

  • Trying to copy only domain(or other url part) from address bar - not working

  • In which way is it not working? Here on Linux Mint 17.3 (Cinnamon desktop) with Vivaldi 1.0.430.3 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit) it is no problem to mark any part of a url and copy it via 'ctrl c' to paste it anywhere. If you don't see the whole url you can switch it on in Tools - Settings - Address Bar - Show Full URL.

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    I tried this here on Windows 10, and it doesn't matter what method you use to try to copy or paste, if you copy any part of the URL, when you go to past it, it pastes the whole thing.

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    Well, it works here with the mouse - that was the right end.


    Keyboard also worked. Win 7 x64 and 64-bit Vivaldi (latest snapshot).

    Linux can be different, since merely highlighting text can copy it, depending on desktop and how it is configured

    Copying left end is a problem here.

  • @Ayespy:

    … you copy any part of the URL, when you go to past it, it pastes the whole thing.

    Now I am trying it on Devuan (the Debian 8 fork without systemd) (xfce desktop) with Vivaldi 1.0.430.3 (Entwickler-Build) dev (64-Bit) and I see the same phenomenon only if the snippet starts with the beginning of the url. Do I copy a part of the url but without the 'h' of http I get just the copied part when pasting it.

  • I'm on systemd free systems as well, Arch and Manjaro running open-rc as init system.

    Although I main DE is Trinity (a modern flavour of the great KDE 3.5) I have XFCE installed as well (Manjaro's XFCE is likely one of the best XFCE customization ever seen, try it) and the partial copy of an url works as expected, both on XFCE and Trinity.

    P.S. I cleaned my systems by myself but now there is a nice Manjaro ISO which is naively built with Open-RC, probably one of the best looking, light, easy to use, and fast linux distro ever. It's worth a try.

    There is also a native Arch linux ISO which may be better for people who like to have more control on what's installed on the system

    Both of them are based on the Arch's foundations, which made them a step forward over most other linux distros, w/o messing with systemd 😉

    More infos here

  • @The_Solutor Thank you for the Manjaro link! I am still using many systemd systems 🙂 like Ubuntu 15.10, Mint 17.3, Fedora 23, and Manjaro 15.12. After experimenting a little with Devuan, may be I get curious enough to tinker with Manjaro again. By the way I never developed a kind of preference for any desktop environment. Normally the default suits me just fine. Only it has to cooperate with Vivaldi 😉

  • I'm having this same problem. If I try to copy part of the url (beginning with the protocol) it always copies the entire URL. This should not happen.

    I wonder if this is a regression introduced by this?


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