Icons don't update when imported

  • Hi there! First of all, let me thank you all for whoever might spend some time helping me solve this issue. I just moved from using Opera to Vivaldi, this is actually my 1st post here, and I exported the bookmarks I add in Opera to an HTML file. When I imported them into Vivaldi, I got all the bookmarks but with no icons. Because I use them with the icon only (mostly), I really wish there was a way to update them all together, but apparently, even when I visit the websites, the icon doesn't update in the bookmarks bar. In the attached screenshot you can see that I acessed Gmail already which is the 1st icon but it is still not updated. Any solutions? Thank you in advance! Best regards Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/75871/Screenshot_1.png[/img]

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    For the bookmarks bar it's a bit of a slog, but it should work - open a bookmark that has no favicon, drag the icon at the left of the address bar into the bookmarks bar next to it, and now you should have a favicon at that location. Delete the old bookmark and edit the new one to your liking.

  • The simplest solution I have done is to open those bookmarks in new tabs until they fully load. Then you will see the favicons of those bookmarks. That's what I did with opening entire folders and every bookmark until the favicons showed.

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    OH! I Forgot! When you visit bookmarks on the bookmark bar, their favicon often will not show until you re-start the browser. It will be there, but the UI won't update that object. It's been so long since I dealt with this, that I had forgotten that point.

  • Thank you everyone. I was away for a couple of days but I just tested it now. Basically yeah, that's the thing, you just open them and restart the browser and they all refresh their icons 😉

    Thank you

  • I wrote about this issue couple of times. Still no progress!

  • It's still not fixed…

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    It's not a bug. It's a feature you're used to that Vivaldi does not (yet) offer.


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