Speed Dial thumbnail improvements

  • I've found that with a lot of web apps I use at work, vivaldi has trouble capturing a decent thumbnail for the speed dial (as well as for the tab preview when you hover the tab). These are generally pages where when you navigate to the site you get some kind of loading page and the page transitions when it's fully loaded (similar to what Gmail does for example, though gmail isn't one of the pages I've had the issue with. Slack is one example where I've seen this happen). Frequently I end up with a speed dial thumbnail that is just a white page that says 'loading' or something similar, and refreshing the speed dial never helps as it always capture the loading page. I generally don't see this problem adding the same pages to Opera's speed dial (it seems to capture the thumbnail once the page is fully loaded), and even when I do see an issue like this an Opera I at least have the option to toggle to a different speed dial image (or a fallback text based speed dial image based on the page URL, which is much better than some indistinguishable loading page as the sd image). I'd really love it if: 1. Vivaldi waited longer to capture speed dial images to avoid getting some loading transition page as the sd thumbnail 2. We should have the option to toggle through different available speed dial thumbnails for each dial like Opera. 3. Would be great if there was a fallback text-based speed dial image available like Opera has 4. Not really related to the above, but it would be nice if Speed dial folders showed thumbnail previews of the folder contents, currently having multiple speed dial folders it can be difficult to distinguish at a glance which is which when they all just have the same identical blank folder icon.

  • For example. Opera vs Vivaldi adding Sugar CRM to speed dial:

    Vivaldi: Screenshot captured during white loading page:


    Opera: Screenshot captured after load:



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