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Hope is back - thank you so much!!!

  • I'm still using Opera 12 since it's the only real browser out there, even if its ageing... The Mail Client is still the best and I love it being included in one application. Vivaldi so far looks brilliant. Good Design, Feels Modern, Fast. It's the first time I feel that I may actually retire Opera 12 at one point. ;-) I hope the mail client will be local, not only webmail and I also hope there will finally be a calendar included - that was my only major feature wish for the old Opera. One Problem I encountered with the preview: Creating a new Bookmark folder didn't work correctly at first. I had to switch to another Tab to make it show up. I then had some trouble moving the folder to the top level, but it worked at one point - not sure what went wrong at first. What didn't work at all: I wasn't able to drag a new bookmark from the address line to the newly created folder - the correct drop-icon appeared, but the bookmark wasn't created. I had to create the bookmark manually. I'm already quite impressed by the preview, much more so than with the new Opera which is pretty much a toy. Thank you so much!!!!! Cheers, Tom

  • @ThomasHelzle:

    It's the first time I feel that I may actually retire Opera 12 at one point. ;-)

    Same here. Vivaldi is literally beautiful.

  • I am pretty sure Vivaldi Mail will be built-in feature. That was what makes old Opera better.

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