Cannot open a blank new tab

  • Every time I attempt to open a blank new tab, I get another copy of Speed Dial. Please help. Thanks

  • I don't think it's possible at the moment. I've tried several extensions for blank new tab, but vivaldi currently doesn't hook them like in chrome. (I'm sure it'll be a native option in newer releases).

  • Hadden89, thank you for your message regarding the subject: Cannot open a blank new tab.

    I am relieved to learn that somebody else is experiencing this problem. As you suggest in your message, I'll just wait to see if opening a blank new tab becomes a native option in later releases of Vivaldi.

  • I found also found this that (very) probably works, which can be used to hook a new blank tab page but I really think is better to wait a native option.

  • Hadden89, thank you for your second message regarding the above subject.

    I followed the link you provided in your second message but eventually decided to follow your advice, yet again, and wait for a native option.


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