Language Settings

  • I must be missing something obvious here, but how do you get to the language settings without having to right click on a mis-spelt word? I can't see any menu option for it. I don't mean the option on the first page of the settings, which is presumably the interface language, I mean the menu to set the language used for spell checking. 🙂

  • Try chrome://settings/search#language
    [Note: use chrome not Vivaldi ]

    Click on "Language and input settings" button
    There are separate buttons for interface and spell checking

  • Thanks, yes that does get you there, although rather inelegantly!
    It should be directly accessible from the normal settings dialogue IMO.
    Setting the interface language to UK English doesn't work, even thought the interface says it has.
    The settings options still say "color" not "colour" for instance.
    I have actually deleted the US English option, and only have "English" and "English (United Kingdom)" now present.
    If I remove "English" the settings dialogue then tells me that the interface is set to Albanian, although it isn't!

  • Yes, at the moment Vivaldi UI stills needs updating - that's why some things are only accessible via chrome.
    This is gradually improving as Release 1.0 approaches, but some things will still require working on even after that.


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