Things to make Vivaldi Even Better :)

  • I'm using the Latest Snapshot of Vivaldi [[b]1.0.429.5[/b] as of now]. I'm using [b]Windows 10 Build 14271[/b]. Bugs that have found so far: → [b]Webpages loads every time by switching through Tabs[/b] 😞 → Performance is slow like switching between the tabs, opening and closing side panels, opening and closing web panels are bit slow. →Browser's start up is also slow. Also it is slow on opening new tab by clicking the "+" button. →No Search Suggestions even the "Search Suggestion on" enabled. 😞 Suggestions to make it better: → It would be better if there was an option to run background process so that the Browser startup would become very faster. 😎 →Performance should be improved a lot. →More themes be included other than white and dark. Sorry for my Bad English. Please refer to above problems and suggestions, let me know if anyone having the same issues or if something that I was wrong or missing. :cheer:

  • Hello,
    I agree that all actions concerning tab management are very slow.
    Opening a new empty tab sometimes takes around 1,5 second! The switching is very slow as well.
    This is probably the first thing that should be improved, even before the final release.


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