Youtube in Fullscreen - Spacebar behaviour

  • Hi guys, Since snapshot 1.0.418.3 (I guess) I noticed a wrong behaviour after pressing the spacebar in Youtube fullscreen mode: instead of pause/play, youtube skips to the next video in the active playlist. I tested in private mode as well to make sure it's not because of browser extensions or Youtube account settings. Other browsers work fine. "Normal" (as in not fullscreen) mode works fine as well. Win 8.1 64bit, Snapshot 1.0.425.3. Anyone else? Best, lensaffair

  • I m seeing this problem for a long time, sometimes pressing space bar scrolls the page down. The actual shortcut to play/pause youtube is pressing K and F for full screen. Try pushing the play pause button using mouse and then press space bar to see it works.

  • Usually that helped, you are right. But that workaround to click the play/pause-button to put the spacebars focus there doesn't work anymore. At least for me, that is.
    Pressing K is working fine, but it's just so damn convenient using the spacebar 😉

  • Fixed in most recent snapshot 1.0.429.5 - cheers to the devs! 🙂


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