Windows 7 64-bit; lost sound during Vivaldi session; lost connection to Vivaldi Help / Community

  • Don't know yet if this is Vivaldi issue, or simply ISP still having problems from local network crash last week (AT&T U-verse reported crash near OakLawn, IL, USA? First Bing and new feed videos slowed, became jerky, but at a consistent interval, about five beats, repeat, video stop, five beats, video stop, five beats, etc. Have a cloud based system event logging which normally report internet speed or loss of connection problems, checked and none logged it before this report is filed. Sound is working externally to the Vivaldi browser; sound manager and windows controls all check out ok SYSTEM SPECS: 2.7 GHz AMD quad-core with 8 GB of DDR3, NVIDIA graphic card upgrade to GeForce GTX 750Ti (2048 MB or on-board gDDR5); Samsung LCD HD dual monitor/television connected via HDMI


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