"Address" of Speed Dial

  • Whats the "Address" of the Speed Dial tab? Like [quote]vivaldi://newtab[/quote] for a new tab.. tried vivaldi://speeddial etc and nothing worked :huh: the reason is, i want to open a new tab with the speed dial by mouse gestures. im going to use the extension crxMouse Chrome Gestures for that purpose..

  • The url chrome://dummystartpage opens the Speed Dial page. Just tried on Windows 8.1 with Vivaldi 1.0.425.3 (Developer Build) (32-bit).

  • it works for me when entering "chrome://dummystartpage" directly in the address bar.

    when selecting the string "chrome://dummystartpage" and right-clicking "go to" it leads to an error message


    the same happens when setting "chrome://dummystartpage" as action for the custom mouse gesture..
    pretty sure the problem is about the rewrite of chrome:// to vivaldi:// :S

    any idea how to encounter this problem?

    i have running 1.0.403.24 (Beta 3) (32-bit) win10 but cant imagine another result in any later editions

  • Moderator

    If that's the case, then I suppose you could make your own .html file in notepad, containing the text:

    and then save that file to your hard drive and use the path to that file as the address for a mouse gesture...

  • thx both of you.

    did it now via [extension]mousegestures -> new tab -> [extension]newtab redirect -> the htm file of Ayespy..

    really not the most elegant way but i guess it will work until its possible to modify the built-in mouse gestures..
    cant wait for that 😛


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