Feature-Request: Missing webpanels/sidebars

  • I will put my stuff here, and collect ideas from others. Rules here, please follow to keep things clear: One post per user; as short as possible; <sidebar_name>, <sidebar_description>, <additional notes="">; if you see your stuff included into THIS post, clear or delete old, if you want to comment on how I included your idea - use your initial post. I would suggest to create extra threads for discussions of EACH feature/sidebar. I would love to participate in creation of them! (HTML,CSS, some JS,PHP,SQL....) [author: Karlodun] 1. Custom CSS, custom CSS management sidebar with checklist of existing custom css and a textfield to edit/create new. (the exiting extensions are terrible!!!! and clearly sucks!) would be good to have a special CSS rule (like !importan) to overwrite inline and important styles. (some webpages are sooo badly coded, I would call it '!fix') 2. Custom JS (same as #1). 3. Reader Tools, some tools to add notes, text highlighting, etc. (again, existing extensions are just bad! and in fact this tool would be an extensive combination of the first two) 4. Links - like the old opera links sidebar.... [author: Pesala] 1. Webmedia, play webmedia while browsing, with editable playlist (?) and different sources (I will look if I can find something appropriate). -- youtube works fine in a sidebar/webpanel, however in vivaldi the videos do not play, instead the browser suggest to open a file with "unknown" protocol (or something in this way....).</additional></sidebar_description></sidebar_name>

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    Bhikkhu Pesala
    YouTube Panel
    Watch videos while browsing.
    Three example videos to demonstrate the concept. Edit the HTML source to change the videos or categories.

  • My webcoder knowledge is growing, so probably I can start making some addons for vivaldi soon.
    This is more of a sidenote to myself: find out how to access vivaldis DOM.
    Then, probably, I would be able to create some stuff......


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