Some suggestions

  • Tried out Vivaldi today. Seems more or less ok and rather promising considering it's beta status but inability to customize certain things is really annoying. Here are some suggestions I have: * Implement a way to freely rearrange bars' locations(same functionality as Firefox's Customize feature) or at the very least the option to place tabs below the address bar. * A way to select what page will be displayed(speed dial, blank page, local html or 'net url) when a new tab is opened. * An option to rearrange buttons and bar content in general(again, same as Firefox's Customize) * An option to separate stop and reload buttons * An option to set if selecting search engine will commence search or not * An option to select where page loading stats will be displayed(URL bar or status bar). Again, could be a part of full bar elements customization * New options for 'Tabs/When closing a Tab': 'Activate Next one to the left' and 'Activate Next one to the right' * Custom mouse gestures mapping * 'add as search engine' option in the search box dropdown, instead of context menu or in addition to it * 'Manage search engines' option in search box dropdown * An option so set fixed order for the search engines as opposed to the current 'last used on top' * More flexible URL bar suggestion settings. There should be a way to specify where suggestions should be looked for(bookmarks, history, typed urls etc), what to match(url only, page title only or both) and matching rules(everywhere, beginning of the string only) * More control over elements, hidden via Page actions->block content. A way to maintain a list of blocked elements: add/remove/specify scope(everywhere/specific site/specific page etc); a way to select a page element to block. * A more convenient "Page actions" popup. Current one is not usable if browser window is not tall enough. Either make it scrollable or make it a separate modal dialogue. * Last but not least: Addons suport


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