Summary of current bookmark problems

  • Unfortunately is the usability of "bookmarking" for my personal behavior limited: a.) The most important one - Bookmarking with CTRL-D generate two identical items in the bookmark list (VB-14486) b.) Alternative but annoying for a keyboard user - Bookmarking with the Bookmark button. The Save button of the Bookmark window is without function when you hit [enter]. The window doesn't accept any keyboard navigation, I have to use the mouse (VB-14488) c.) Bookmark list: Just a few bookmarks have a wrong thumbnail. (Possibly the TAB thumbnail was wrong. Not reproducible -->> not reported as a bug.) d.) Bookmark list: Open bookmark from trash --> Change to an other tab -> Bookmark the tab. The result is sometimes. The new bookmark is in the trash folder. This behavior is sometimes reproducible --> not reported as a bug. I really hope for a fix (Please a.s.a.p ;)) . Nevertheless: Great job! Windows 7 Pro - Vivaldi 1.0.425.15305 (due to virus alert during update to 1.0.425.3) Please excuse my English, I prefer German.


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