Bookmark related requests

  • Hi I thought I open a new topic for bookmark requests, since the all feature requests topic seems to be a bit unsorted. So, if it make sense, you can also add your bookmark requests here. 🙂 [b]BookMark usability improvement with (sub-)subfolders[/b] To better recognize the folder structures for users like me, using many bookmark Sub folders, I would like to sketch the following suggestions: [attachment=2901]BMMenueViSuggestionMockUp.png[/attachment] 1) Use something more Opera 12 like, as sketched in the picture. Combine the[b] bookmark bar view and its add options also for no-bookmark bar users by adding some icon (or main menu entry like in opera 12) for a root bookmark folder[/b] to other positions. I would really appreciate that a lot, since it is fast and the structure of storing and recalling a bookmark is similar! 2) Could you add a “add active tab (here)” option in the right click context menu in the bookmark side panel? Further suggestions: - Represent [b]sessions (also) as bookmark folders[/b] (similar to the speed dial folder). Then one can edit / drag and drop single items to other sessions and bookmark folders, a BM sync option would also sync sessions, .. - Bookmarks extendable by further fields for future options like tags, searchable first lines of text and especially text annotation. (I would rather use a browser integrated lightweight text-highlighter than trusting my data to an unknown extension programmer): Have a field “highlight text” additional to the description field in bookmarks, this text should get highlighted like a “find in page” text, just with a different color. Mark text, right click “add to highlight text” -> page gets bookmarked /bookmark updated. Highlight text on demand only or with a delay after page loading, or at CPU idle state to prevent decrease of browsing performance. Has been somehow implemented now - thanks!: [strike]Rather quick, I guess: use hex symbols like in a dos file commander to draw a tree structure in the drop down list of the right bookmark editor: Folder ˫Subfolder |˫SubSubFolder [/strike] Attachments: [img][/img]


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