Any possibility/tweak to change order of the right-click contextmenu?

  • Is there any known possibility or tweak to change the order or maybe even the whole functions of the right-click contextmenu? I would really like to have open link in new background tab as the first option :unsure: Tried the extension "Right Click Opens Link in New Tab" for some days now and it feels super weird still after so many hours of using it... Also another extension "Force Background Tab" is not really useful because it opens EVERY single tab in the background, independent from the reason of opening it like opening the settings, new tab or even normally clicking a link... Any idea or is there any specified release/date in the future where the customization option will be added? :dry:

  • Moderator

    Not yet. Menu customization is likely well down the track. Too many fundamental and basic capabilities are still being worked on.

  • Aye Ayespy again 😉

    So its impossible to change a few lines of code or anything like that to change the order of the contextmenu?
    only thing id need is to change first and third entry of the contextmenu… :dry:

  • Moderator

    Maybe some of the .js modders or UI customizers would have an idea. I'm not aware of where there might be access to the code of the menus.

  • @ayespy Any luck allowing us to change the order of the context menu?

  • @joesph66 The best bet, for now, would be to vote for this: and hope that it eventually gets implemented


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