I'm not sure if this is a bug or not

  • I was just watching a Twitch stream. had it in the background whilst I had Google Maps open in another tab when, whilst browsing the streets, I noticed that the sound from the Twitch tab had stopped. I flicked over and the page reloaded. This happens when I'm not tabbed into that page. So, I was thinking it's some sort of "Auto-Hibernate" feature? Or at least that's what I can describe it as. If this is intentional and can be switched off, please tell me how? I often have Twitch running in the background. in a tab that I'm not currently using. So far, whilst tabbed into this page, It hasn't happened. However, it definitely happens when I have Google Maps open, I had to reload the Twitch Page multiple times. Any insight on this would be great. Thanks.

  • It is happening to me as well. It is very annoying. It began with an update previous to 1.0.425.3, but has continued in 1.0.425.3.

    If I have multiple tabs open and I switch between them, the tab that I switched to automatically reloads without any user input.

    A fix would be very appreciated.

  • I'm encountering same issue however I cannot find a way to reproduce it on purpose. Appears just to happen randomly.

  • I'm thinking of returning to Vivaldi and downloading the stable release but if the tab problem mentioned above is still occurring then I have to pass because I never have just 1 tab open.

    Could someone let me know if this is still a problem?


    • Silent


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