Extension transfer

  • Please explaine how to copy installed extensions to another disk. When I copy "Extension" folder or "User Data" folder to Vivaldi folder on the other PC Vivaldi deletes al files in Extension folder and says Boo, You have no extensions installed. What is wrong?

  • Chromium :evil:

    More serious, I was (and am) on a related track.


  • Thank you for explanation. Never thought that Vivaldi is so lame in this respect. Perhaps that 'feature' will be fixed by developers in some way. So, no way to transfer Vivaldi extensions and their setting to another machine?

  • I discovered this today. When testing dev builds, I want to have the exact same experience both at home and at work - portable install, zipped and dumped in dropbox. Today was the first time bringing Vivaldi out of my home, and I was met with this unpleasantness.


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