Are search engines' suggestions in address bar supposed to be implemented currently?

  • Hi guys, I've seen some lines in recent changelogs which stated something about search suggestions (unfortunately, I can't find any "changelog" page to remember exact wordings). I wonder if currently address bar supposed to show search suggestions if used like g my google search request or my google search request (for the default search engine). Search suggestions are usually shown in the dropdown, but for none of search engines suggestions are shown to me. So, what was those changelog items about? Are search suggestions supposed to be shown currently? Do I have to re-add those search engines I use for those to work? (in some browsers search options require different urls for requests and for suggestions to be set explicitly..) Do I have to file a bug report if smth is not working? Best regards, Yakov.

  • Currently only works for and Bing

  • Right, they were mentioned in the change log, but suggestions of DuckDuckGo don't work for me (I don't use Bing, so haven't tested).

  • Duckduckgo suggestions work fine at my end. Are the following enabled in Settings?
    Under Privacy - check enable search in address field and enable search suggestions in address field
    Under Search - check search suggestions, search in adrresss field and duckduckgo as your default search engine.


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