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  • I'm trying to import my Opera 12 data into Vivaldi, but it doesn't seem to be working. When I use the import function, with any options selected, I just get an "import in progress" box with a rotating icon that sits there permanently and never completes. Is this known to be broken? I can import the bookmarks.adr file from Opera 12 fine if I use that option and browse to find it. Where does Vivaldi look for the Opera 12 password data for instance? There seems to be no option to tell it where to look. Thanks for any advice, as I'd really like to get my Opera 12 passwords into Vivaldi. :)

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    Vivaldi looks for a existing Opera 12 profile or you have to select the folder of the profile at C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera.
    But you cant import a single file wand.dat or bookmarks.adr if it is not valid Opera 12 profile.
    I think Vivaldi looks for a operaprefs file.

  • Thanks. That's strange then because my Opera 12 installation is in Program Files\Opera where it would normally be.
    It is a standalone installation, so the profile folder is a subfolder in the same folder, not in a Windows user folder.
    I wonder if that is the problem.
    As I said, I have successfully imported the bookmarks.adr file by itself, but there's no equivalent option to import wand.dat, which is what I want to do.

  • I don't think that Opera 12x ever allowed Wand.dat to be exported successfully.

  • Thanks, that may well explain my subsequent findings!
    I managed to get the import to finally work by temporarily copying my Opera 12 Profile folder into a temporarily made C:\Users\Dave\Application Data\Opera\Opera folder.
    The import dialogue then came fully to life.
    It looks as if Vivaldi won't find the profile of a standalone installation of Opera, which is a bit of a limitation.
    Strangely, if I un-ticked the "use default location" option, it then allowed me to browse to a folder, and I could then use the profile in its original location, which is really bizarre because the profile folder needs to be in its default location for this option to be offered in the first place!

    Anyway, that allowed a successful import of the bookmarks, but not of the passwords (I don't have any notes).
    I tried again just selecting "passwords" and it said the import was successful, but I can see no evidence that it was.
    The privacy section of the Vivaldi settings still says "no saved passwords found".
    So is this a function that just doesn't work?
    Should I file a bug, or is it known?
    Cheers, Dave.

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    Import of passwords definitely works as mine did, but perhaps you set a master password? I think that may prevent it.

    My Opera 12.17 is a USB install. I browse to select the operprefs.ini

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    Vivaldi does not find a Standalone Opera 12 automatically.
    You have to select the ā€¦.\profile folder for import. The Opera 12 profile needs a existent operaprefs.ini to be imported.

    I installed a Standalone (USB Install) Opera 12.18 on Windows 10x64 Pro in folder T:\O and the Opera 12 profile was created in T:\O\profile.
    I started Vivaldi 1.0.425.3 32bit/64bit and Imported all Bookmarks, Password and Notes and selected T:\O\profile as folder for import.
    Password, Bookmarks and Notes got imported.

    But i had not activated masterpassword protection in Opera 12.
    masterpassword prevents a import in Vivaldi.

    If you want report a bug, do it. Bug reports are welcome.
    But please describe precisely about your install, OS, Opera version, masterpassword protection in Opera 12, Vivaldi version and what you have done when you import into Vivaldi.
    So we can test it. :)

    I found bug from last week VB-14098 "Import from Opera 12 doesn't work" but could not reproduce in current napshot!

  • Thanks guys!
    I've now found another anomaly, because your description of browsing to find the Opera 12 profile folder did not tally up with my experience. If I open the import dialogue, it opens with "Opera 12.x" already selected, but there is no browse option, just "start import" and "cancel". The "use default profile location" option is greyed out and can't be selected, which is understandable with a standalone Opera 12 install..
    However, if I then select another browser to import from, and then go back to selecting Opera 12.x, the browse option magically appears, replacing the "start import" option! I can then browse to my standalone Opera 12's profile folder, and import.
    This successfully imports bookmarks and notes, but there is no sign of any imported passwords.
    Importing just the passwords also says "import successful" (although it seems to happen suspiciously quickly, instantly in fact) but still the same result. I don't have any master password set on Opera 12.
    Should the imported passwords be listed if I look at the "privacy" page in the Vivaldi settings?
    They're not listed there, and there's no evidence if I go to a password protected site that they are actually there but hidden.
    I think I will now try backing up my wand.dat file, and generate a new one with just one saved password, and see if that works.
    My normal wand.dat is big as I have a large number of saved logins.

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    Which WIndows do you use? How big is the wand.dat?
    May be the passwords file is corrupt?

    In bugtracker we had a issue with a 280 KB wand.dat but could not reproduce because the reporter was not willing to give away his own passwords, not even to Vivaldi devs, a fact i can unsderstand.

  • Well I've done some more experimenting, and I think the problem is indeed due to the size of my wand.dat file.
    It's 360 KB, and contains 338 entries.
    I tried the import again, with a temporarily generated wand.dat with only one entry in it, and it imported fine.
    I'm quite happy to let the devs have my file if it would help solve the problem!
    As a workaround I guess i will have to split it down. I'll try and see if it will import with just the first half of the entries, and then try again with the second half, and see if I can get them all into Vivaldi that way.
    I am of course assuming that it's the size of the file that's causing the import to fail, not that Vivaldi itself has too low a limit on the number of passwords it can store!

  • OK, after a lot of experimentation, I'm pretty sure that the wand.dat file in my Opera 12 installation is corrupted in some way, which is preventing it being imported into Vivaldi, even though it appears to work perfectly in Opera 12!
    I now have two test wand.dat files. One is a cut down version of the original, with all the entries removed except one. The other is a newly generated file, with the same single entry for the same website (Opera forums).
    The first file is 2.85 KB. The second, which produces an identical result in the password manager dialogue when loaded in Opera 12, is 985 bytes.
    The first one won't import into Vivaldi, the second one will.
    So, can I get these files to the Vivaldi developers to see if they can troubleshoot this?
    I obviously want to get all my passwords into Vivaldi, but the present database I've got in Opera 12 just won't do it.
    Cheers, Dave.

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    1. Please report this as a bug precisely at http://vivaldi.com/bugreport/ so teh devs can test this
    2. You get a mail back from bugtracker
    3. Reply to this mail and you can add the file as a attachment!
    Replying to a special bugtracker mail means you can add more iformation if you have

    Thanks in advance for investigation.

  • Thanks, I will do that, but that link you posted is "page not found"!
    Cheers, Dave.

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    ooops! typo, double oo is wrong. SOrry, my fault with typo

    https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/ is the right URL.

  • LOL, I should have noticed that for myself!
    Thanks again.

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    Your bug is reported as VB-14513 "Saved password data will not import from Opera 12.18"

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  • Thanks again, as you've seen I'm sure I told them I have a couple of small wand.dat files they can test with.

    Did you mean to post a link that just goes back to this thread in your last post BTW?

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    Problems with password import will be fixed in next Snapshot as i saw in internal version :)

  • Thanks, that's great news!

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